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Justified Point System

We at justified think users shouldn't be limited on ranks by how their financial situation is, so we offer users a way to earn rewards and ranks via the Justified Point System.


Justified Points Information

You can earn points by doing many tasks such as

  • Posting a Thread
  • Posting a Reply
  • Posting a Status
  • Replying to a status
  • Referring a friend
  • Replying on a post that you created


All the mentioned activities will give a different amount of Points ranging from 1-10

(Some Areas of the forums may not reward points)

Some Areas of the forums (Guides section) may reward more points


Justified Bank Information

You may also deposit your points into the Justified bank, which will reward you with interest every month. (Click here)

  • Members: 2%
  • VIP: 3%

Justified Shop Information

At the shop, you may purchase items such as,

  • Ranks
  • Mystery Boxes
  • Change Your Username
  • Pin a topic
  • Spin the wheel(SOON)
  • Play Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Sock
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