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Justified Forum Rules

These rules are here to give you guidance on how to behave on the forums, but please make sure to use common sense.

(FGR) General Rules

  1. Don't be racist, sexist, or offensive in any way, and please be respectful.
  2. Don't cause any unnecessary drama.
  3. Don't advertise unless it's related to Justified
  4. The exchange of accounts and in-game currency/items for real-life money is strictly forbidden.
  5. Users who are found to be bypassing a forum ban or any other punishment and or using an alternative account will be banned.
  6. Profile status must be relevant and follow all other forum rules.


(FPR) Posting Rules

  1. Do not spam, any action on the forums that includes but is not limited to:
    1. Spamming threads and or replies
    2. Spamming private messages (Pm's)
    3. Spamming any type of Application
    4. Spamming statuses
  2. Do not post or mention the following things, that includes but is not limited to:
    1. Malicious content/links
    2. Gore/NSFW(Any Sexually suggestive content)
    3. Harassment
    4. Suicide/Self-harm Discussion
    5. Content related to DOX'ING, Malware, DDosing, Cheating Software or any other related content that may compromise information or security of Justified's player(s).
  3. Posting any information that contains the following NOT allowed.
    1. Player/other server IP(s)
    2. Real Names
    3. Address(i.e., Street Name, City, Postcode, Country)
    4. Phone Numbers
    5. Emails
    6. Passwords
    7. Pictures of the person or related family members(Or pretty much any photo that includes a face)
    8. Any sort of Social Media that may include any of the following listed here.
    9. Any sort of information that could cause a member to be doxxed or have their information leaked
  4. You may not post content to farm the following things, that includes but is not limited to:
    1. Achievements
    2. Forum Points
    3. XP
    4. Ranks
    5. Reactions
    6. Posting content with no real meaning.
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