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DarkRP Rules


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JustifiedRP DarkRP Rules

All new or updated rules will be in PURPLE.
It is your responsibility to keep up to date on our rules upon joining our server.
Please read the rules thoroughly and completely.
If there are any problems regarding these rules please make a thread in the Suggestions tab

RDM: Random Death Match
RDA: Random Arrest
NLR: New Life Rule
FailRP: The act of role-playing in an unrealistic manner to your character.
FearRP:  Player acting as if they feel fear (ex. For a pistol pointed at them. In real life you wouldn't run away, or start punching the perpetrator.)
Metagaming: The act of telling a player information they would not usually know. (Keypad codes, base layouts, ect..)

(GR) General Rules

  1. Do NOT RDM.
  2. Do NOT RDA.
  3. Do NOT NLR. (NLR is 4 minutes)
  4. Don't abuse Sitting down to get into someone's base and or minge or exploit.
  5. Trolling/Minging will not be tolerated.
  6. Do not job abuse (EXAMPLE: Being in the PD as a Swat then changing to thief to raid it)
  7. Any sort of unfair game advantage (ie Cheating or Major Exploiting) will result in a permanent ban!
  8. Threatening to attack the server or community, even in a joking manner, will result in a Permanent Ban!
  9. Staff members have the final decision in all situations.
  10. Phys-Gun color abuse is not allowed. (ie Invisible Physgun Beam)
  11. Terrorists are only allowed to use C4 in a terror.
  12. Treat others the way you want to be treated (AKA respectfully)
  13. Scamming is not allowed. [PERMANENT BAN] (Printer scamming is allowed)
  14. Riots are not allowed.
  15. You may not disconnect or leave or make any of your entities despawn in any way while being raided (LTARP)
  16. Impersonation someone else is not permitted.
  17. Being AFK while taking up a job slot could lead to a demotion or kick.
  18. No trading in-game cash or any type of in-game currency via IRL.
  19. RP names must be a minimum of 3 English characters.
  20. Baiting or encouraging another player to break the rules, will not be accepted.
  21. Do not target players for the listed activates (Activates include raids, kidnaps and government raids).
  22. Do not falsely demote someone.
  23. GOLDEN RULE: Use Common Sense!


(CR) Chat Rules

  1. Soundboards/Voice Changers are strictly forbidden. (Unless DJ)
  2. Racism/Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated.
  3. Multi-Adverts are not allowed (Ex. Raid/Mug/Kidnap/Over)
  4. You must warn someone 3 times to go away before killing them (/y Go Away! Warn 1/2/3)
    You must wait 2 seconds between each warning
  5. Do not tamper with the adverts (You must only use the default advert text).
  6. Advertisement of other communities/servers will result in a Permanent Ban!
  7. Do NOT spam chat or mic spam.

(BR) Building Rules

  1. Purchasing doors in another building other than yours is Not Allowed.
  2. You have to put a building sign outside your base when you are building.
  3. You may not have any raid-able entities in your base whilst you are building your base.
  4. Keypads must be visible and close to your base.
  5. All fading doors must be open for 5 seconds Minimum.
  6. KOS signs must be specific (No "all reasons valid"). (Kos inside/shooting at base/on ramp/on roof/past/on line)
  7. You may not have a building sign and a kos sign.
  8. You cannot build next to an NPC. (These props are automaticly removed)
  9. You do not have to counter if your base is being raided.
  10. If you are building on top of a roof you must own the house that the roof belongs too. You may not make ramps to roofs that claim the public area.
  11. You may not use an invisible or nearly invisible material/color on your props.
  12. KOS signs must be big and visible. (Minimum 75 Size)
  13. KOS signs are not allowed to claim the public (streets and sidewalks) for anything (loitering signs are not allowed).
  14. You may not interact with players with building signs. They may kill you if you enter
  15. You may not have KOS signs for things such as "Pointing gun at base" or other similar things.
  16. You may not run around with the TV with the physgun. And you may not place the TV in a public area.
  17. You may not have decoy/distraction entrances to your base.
  18. There must be enough space between fading doors for 1 player to stand in without getting caught in the door.
  19. You may not use prop ghosting to get into your base instead of using your keypad entry or door.

(DR) Design Rules

  1. A base must be designed so that both the raider & defender can see each other when they are shooting at one another.
  2. You may only own 1 base/house, but you may co-own another.
  3. You are only allowed a maximum of 4 doors
  4. You must have a keypad for every door.
  5. You may not abuse double door to block off world doors.
  6. You need to own a world door that connects to your base. If you are basing with other people, they must own said world door (You may not base public areas).
  7. World Glow props are Not Allowed for shooting but may be used to view

(BBD) Banned Building Designs

  1. One-way props and material are Not Allowed.
  2. Fake Keypads are Not Allowed.
  3. Crouch, Sky, Slide, One-Way Angels, Maze, Parkour and jump bases are Not Allowed.
  4. Slide bases are Not Allowed. (If your base causes the raider to slide in anyway)
  5. Crouch bases are Not Allowed. (If you are required to crouch to enter any part of the base)
  6. Sky bases are Not Allowed (You may have bases that are in the sky but they may not cover a large area)
  7. Using One-Way Angels in your base is Not Allowed (Shooting through an angel where the raider cannot see you)
  8. Maze bases are Not Allowed. (Bases with a long pathway that use time as a defense)
  9. Parkour bases are Not Allowed.
  10. Jump bases are Not Allowed.
  11. All Blackout/Invisible & Texturized material is Not Allowed (Meaning when you try to shine a flashlight on it, it won't show).
  12. World Glow props are Not Allowed for shooting but may be used to view

(RS) Rule Specifics

NLR: Going back to the location you died and remembering what happened
NLR time is 4 minutes.
If you died in a raid, you may not return to the location until the raid has finished.
NLR counts as interacting with that player in ANY way while you have NLR

(RR) Raiding

  1. You have 15 minutes to complete a raid.
  2. Raiding someone with a building sign is Not Allowed.
  3. Do not raid a base if it obviously has no raid-able entities.
  4. Must wait 20 minutes before raiding the same person.
  5. Do not raid for the purpose of killing an individual (Unless you are a hired Hitman)
  6. May only raid Police Department if there are 3+ police
  7. You may not come back to a raid after death, this is NLR.
  8. Must wait 30 minutes before raiding PD/Bank again.

(MG) Mugging

  1. The maximum amount to mug - $50,000.
  2. You must use the G menu to mug
  3. You must give your victim 10 seconds to comply.
  4. If the victim runs/pulls gun out you may kill him/her.
  5. You may not mug Government Officials/Hobos.
  6. You must wait 5 minutes between each mugging.
  7. Must wait 15 minutes until you mug the same person again.

(HR) Hitman Rules

  1. Hitman may only raid if the target is inside a base.
  2. You cannot ask people to set a hit on a specific player
  3. You may not target a person over and over again.

(KR) Kidnapping

  1. You can only hold a person for 15 minutes.
  2. Must wait 10 minutes between each kidnapping.
  3. Must wait 25 minutes before kidnapping the same person again.
  4. Running away from a kidnapping, counts as Fear-RP and is against the rules.
  5. Max ransom of a Civilian – 50k | President/Government – 60k


(GR2) Gang Rules

  1. Building/Prop blocking a Territory is Not Allowed.
  2. Players may only attack/defend flags as jobs within the Criminals & Gangs Categories

Take Over/Mega Bases
If you own 2+ houses it is considered a mega base and requires 6+ People
Any base that has 2 non-connecting floors is considered 2 houses (Ex. The house in The Hood)
(AR) Area Rules

  • Spawn: You may not take over any of this area.
  • Downtown: Only police can take over areas in downtown. (You may only have 1 checkpoint for each police officer)
  • Garden: You may not take over any of this area.
  • Park: You may not take over any of this area.
  • Beach: You may take over. Although you must allow access to roads, sidewalks, and NPC’s.
  • Residential: Only parts of Residential can be taken over. Although you must allow access to roads, sidewalks, and NPC’s. (1 Individual per house)
  • The Hood: You may take over. Although you must allow access to roads,    sidewalks, and NPC’s (1 Individual per house)
  • Slums: You may take over. Although you must allow access to roads, sidewalks, and NPC’s (1 Individual per house)
  • Favela: You may take over this area although, you must have 6 people, as well as staff permission.
  • Industrial: You may take over this area although, you must have 5 people, as well as staff permission.
  • Sewers: You may not take over any of this area.

(GTR) Government Rules

  1. Stunstick abuse is Not Allowed.
  2. As a government official you must uphold the law.
  3. You may not own any building (Unless stated other wise by another rule).
  4. As a government official you do not need to advert counter.
  5. Being corrupt is Not Allowed.
  6. You may not randomly weapon check, you must have an RP reason.
  7. Gun Licenses may only cost a maximum amount of 100k
  8. Raid cool downs listed above apply to the government.
  9. You may break NLR by 1 minute when there is a Bank/PD raid.
  10. You must have a valid reason to warrant a base. (Noise based warrants are allowed)
  11. Once the president dies, the default laws listed below are in place.
  12. You may arrest anyone outside during a lockdown after a warning is said through chat.

Default Laws
Killing of any kind besides self defense is illegal.
Being in possession or using money printers or drugs is illegal.
Black-market weapons are illegal.
Stealing or breaking into homes is illegal.
Weapons bigger than a pistol without a gun license.
(You may not make any of the laws above legal)

Raiding the same base - 20 Minutes
Raiding a new base - N/A
Mugging the same person - 15 Minutes
Mugging a new person - 5 Minutes
Kidnapping the same person - 25 Minutes
Kidnapping a new person - 10 Minutes
Bank/PD Robbery - 30 Minutes


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