Prop Hunt Rules

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Justified Prop Hunt Rules

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It is your responsibility to keep up to date on our rules upon joining our server.
Please read the rules thoroughly and completely.
If there are any problems regarding these rules, please make a thread in the Suggestions tab.

You are expected to comprehend and adhere to the server's rules and standards;
by playing on the server, our staff will assume that you have read and understood all of the regulations.

We wish you an amazing time while playing on our server (s)
We appreciate your participation in our community and encourage you to contact staff in-game or on our other platforms with any issues or concerns!​

Ghosting is the act of divulging or implying the position of a prop while acting as a dead hunter or a prop.

  1. GOLDEN RULE: Use Common Sense
  2. No Ghosting
  3. Ghosting is the act of divulging or implying the position of a prop while acting as a dead hunter or a prop.
  4. Self-ghosting, or revealing your own location, is permitted as long as you are not in close proximity to other props.
  5. False Indications are strictly banned.
  6. Third-party communications used to relay the whereabouts of the other team are likewise prohibited. Steam Chat, Discord, and other similar services are examples of this.
  7. You are permitted to speak whatever language; but, if other players or staff suspect you of speaking inappropriate things or ghosting, you will be punished appropriately.
  8. Continuously yelling that someone is in an unauthorised area is considered ghosting; instead, use the admin chat by typing @message and contacting personnel to resolve the issue. You can also notify the individual via team chat or private messaging.
  9. Recognize when someone are ghosting and participate in the ghosting directly or indirectly by following them around and snatching their kills
  10. Trolling/Minging will not be tolerated.
  11. Trolling and minging can have different interpretations of what is and what isn't trolling or minging. However, it would be best to keep common sense in mind while playing on the server.
  12. Any game advantage obtained through unethical means (i.e., cheating or significant exploiting)
  13. Avoid attempting to leave the map's borders or exploiting map faults that give you an unfair advantage in the game.
  14. Abusing any system that provides an advantage over other players
  15. Using any external programmes or software to gain an advantage.
  16. Modifying game files in order to gain an advantage over other players
  17. Threatening to attack the server or community, even in jest, will result in an immediate Permanent Ban!
  18. "Joking" in any of these instances is not allowed and will result in a permanent community ban from Justified.
  19. Information you should never share may include, although not limited to
    1. Any Personal Information
    2. Address
    3. Name (Real life name, obviously)
    4. IP Address
    5. Hostname
    6. IP Range
    7. ISP
    8. Organization
    9. Region
    10. City
    11. Postal Code/ZIP Code
    12. Coordinates
    13. ASN
    14. Any Educational records, Medical records, health records, government records, Habits, or practices
    15. Location Data
    16. Email Address
    17. Telephone number
    18. Social Security number
    19. Employer
    20. Credit card number(s)
    21. Bank account number(s)
    22. Personal photographs that the person does not want to be shared
    23. Social media profiles that the person does not want to be shared
    24. Swatting
  20. Staff representatives have the final decision in all conditions
    1. If you are in a sit, and you know a staff member is wrong, don't argue with them. Instead, report it on the forums, and it will be dealt with and handled by the management team. Remember, you aren't staff. So please don't act like it.
  21. Treat others the way you want to be treated (AKA respectfully).
    1. Examples (More of what is considered harassment and what isn't)
      1. Calling someone a racial slur (Not Allowed)
      2. Calling someone any word that We may consider hate speech (Hate crime) (Not Allowed)
  22. Harassing anyone with the related (Not Allowed)
    1. Race
    2. Religion
    3. Sexual orientation
    4. Transgender identity
    5. Disability
    6. Homophobic, Biphobic and Transphobic
    7. Use of Swear words are allowed to an extent, although if overused towards a player or used to harass them is (Not Allowed)
    8. Example, been telling someone to f*ck off is fine
    9. Calling someone a b*tch/c*nt is fine
  23. Impersonation of someone else is not permitted.
  24. Changing your in-game, forums or discord name to something similar to someone else.
    1. Examples
    2. Changing your name to Iydaa when someone else is called Iyda (Not Allowed)
    3. Changing your name with slightly different characters, like changing an (E to a 3) or (L to and I) etc (Not Allowed)
    4. Pretending to be someone you are not (Not Allowed)
    5. Pretending to be a staff member (Not Allowed)

(CR) Chat Rules
  1. Justified's Main Language is English
  2. Soundboards/Voice Changers are strictly forbidden.
  3. Racism/Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated.
  4. Advertisement for other communities/servers will result in a Permanent Ban!
  5. Examples
  6. Sending a person an invitation to a discord server that they have asked to join (Allowed)
  7. Saying in chat or spamming things such as Join (Not Allowed)
  8. Advertising or DMing other users to join server(s) (Not Allowed)
  9. Telling another player to join your server/discord etc (Not Allowed)
  10. Do not spam chat or mic spam.

(PR) Prop Rules
  1. Prop Abuse is Not Allowed this includes the following, although not limited to
  2. Avoid blocking doors with props, spamming E on doors, or blocking doors with props.
  3. You are not permitted to prop-block doors in order to prevent hunters/props from reaching you. (includes obstructing stairwells and corridors)
  4. You are not permitted to spam doors, as this creates an obnoxious noise. Additionally, as a prop/hunter, you are not permitted to block a door.
  5. Avoid attempting to leave the map's borders or exploiting map faults that give you an unfair advantage in the game.
  6. While hiding as a prop, you should always be visible and killable; moving into areas that make it difficult or impossible to kill or see you is not permitted.

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