Discord Rules

<div class="bbWrapper"><b><span style="font-size: 15px">Justified Discord Rules</span></b><br /> <br /> These are the rules for the Justified Discord Server. Please read all of them.<br /> We also expect members to follow all rules and guidelines set forth by Discord. Members must also comply with all applicable laws, and we may ban you for not doing so.<br /> <br /> Thank you for helping us build a better, healthier community!<br /> — Discord Community Guidelines: <a href="https://discordapp.com/guidelines" target="_blank" class="link link--external" data-proxy-href="/proxy.php?link=https%3A%2F%2Fdiscordapp.com%2Fguidelines&amp;hash=e2ff6f063e6ae173be7c30418794369e" rel="noopener">https://discordapp.com/guidelines</a><br /> — Discord Terms of Service: <a href="https://discordapp.com/terms" target="_blank" class="link link--external" data-proxy-href="/proxy.php?link=https%3A%2F%2Fdiscordapp.com%2Fterms&amp;hash=31e50ea028813eab96a078a48d4cf826" rel="noopener">https://discordapp.com/terms</a><br /> <br /> <u><b>First and Foremost</b></u><br /> It is important that you do not share any personal information with other members. This is to protect your privacy as well as the privacy of other community members.<br /> Please be considerate of others and keep all comments and discussion constructive. Comments or posts that are not relevant to the conversation or topic will be deleted; Comments or posts that are extremely offensive or attack an individual or group may result in a ban.<br /> <br /> Justified has players of all ages. Please keep discussions family friendly.<br /> <br /> Avoid bullying others in any way. We are a diverse, supportive community and welcoming to members of any background.<br /> <br /> <u><b>Chat Rules</b></u><br /> <ol> <li data-xf-list-type="ol">Stay on topic.</li> <li data-xf-list-type="ol">No Inappropriate Content: No sexual comments/harassment, pornography, gore/death/extreme violence, content related to self-harm or harming others, threats/bullying, animal cruelty, or questionable links.</li> <li data-xf-list-type="ol">Please don't purposefully try to incite drama or fights. Avoid bringing up or &quot;joking&quot; about sensitive and divisive topics including (but not limited to): Politics, Religion, Console Wars, Sexuality, Suicide/Death, Ethnicity/Race, Mental/Physical Impairment.</li> <li data-xf-list-type="ol">Please do not purposefully spread &quot;fake news&quot; or &quot;updates&quot; to create drama.</li> <li data-xf-list-type="ol">No chat content discussing illegal activity. Any criminal activity will be reported to the proper authorities.</li> </ol><u><b>Spamming</b></u><br /> <ol> <li data-xf-list-type="ol">Refrain from spamming the server. (General rule of thumb: If your last post of the same message is still visible on the screen, you don't need to post it again.)</li> <li data-xf-list-type="ol">Spam does include excessive emoji use, excessive caps spam/all-caps, excessive Discord formatting, messages spanning multiple lines that are designed to interrupt or derail conversation, posting the same message across multiple channels, and inciting spam (e.g., &quot;press f to pay respect&quot;).</li> <li data-xf-list-type="ol">Don't be a sheep! If you see other members spamming, don't copy them.</li> <li data-xf-list-type="ol">If you are subject to spam from members in this server, please report it to a Discord Moderator.</li> </ol><u><b>Hacking/Cheating</b></u><br /> <ol> <li data-xf-list-type="ol">We do not allow the distribution of links or information related to illegal software.</li> <li data-xf-list-type="ol">We will be removing all posts that contain links or how-tos to this information. Repeat offenders will be banned and in some circumstances, we'll escalate further. Moderators will be on the lookout for:</li> </ol>Links to pirated content such as movies, software, music, and games<br /> Links to download software that provides an unfair advantage in-game<br /> <br /> <u><b>Scamming</b></u><br /> <ol> <li data-xf-list-type="ol">Trying to scam other members in any way is not allowed. This includes actively seeking personal information, linking to scam websites, and encouraging other members to break the rules.</li> <li data-xf-list-type="ol">Do not attempt to impersonate/role-play moderators or staff. Do not pretend to be game support/Tech support. You may help other members, but do not falsely imply that you have a role or other position of authority.</li> <li data-xf-list-type="ol">Using fake Alt accounts or inviting inactive people or no profile/not verified users to the discord to win giveaways etc is not allowed, and you won't receive any rewards.</li> </ol><u><b>Advertising</b></u><br /> <ol> <li data-xf-list-type="ol"><b>No advertising</b> of any kind. This includes anything that may provide you financial benefit or compensation in any way. No posts promoting 3rd party products or service.</li> <li data-xf-list-type="ol">No unsolicited DMs or ads to other members.</li> <li data-xf-list-type="ol">No advertising/linking to other Discord servers. No links to 3rd party/unofficial tournaments. No links to questionable 3rd party sites.</li> <li data-xf-list-type="ol">No &quot;giveaways&quot; of any kind allowed. Chances are very high that these are simply scams or opportunities to phish for personal information. We will not tolerate these being advertised in this server.</li> <li data-xf-list-type="ol">If you receive any form of advertising from members in this server, please report it to a Discord Moderator.</li> </ol><u><b>Asking for codes/items/money</b></u><br /> <ol> <li data-xf-list-type="ol">If you need help, please ask politely. Please do not ask for money, free handouts, etc. Members are trying to have meaningful discussions without being subjected to aggressive solicitation.</li> </ol><u><b>Voice Chat Rules</b></u><br /> <ol> <li data-xf-list-type="ol">Be respectful. No mic spam/loud obnoxious noises/unwanted music. If you do not wish to play with someone, <b>be respectful and ask nicely for them to leave</b>. If they refuse to leave, walk away from the situation, there are many voice channels. If they follow/harass you, report it to a Discord Moderator.</li> <li data-xf-list-type="ol">These channels are for people actively playing. Please do not idle/AFK in the voice channels. These channels cannot be &quot;reserved&quot;.</li> <li data-xf-list-type="ol">If players in a channel politely ask you to leave, please do so.</li> <li data-xf-list-type="ol">Do not follow/stalk/harass other players. If you are having an issue with another member, it is best if you &quot;walk away&quot; and leave the channel. Try not to let your emotions get the best of you. If you choose to follow the other party and continue the drama, you are more likely to be seen as the source of the problem.</li> <li data-xf-list-type="ol">If you feel harassed or cannot handle the situation, please let a Discord Moderator know.</li> </ol></div>

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