DarkRP F4 Menu Information

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Justified DarkRP F4 Menu Information

The F4 menu is a DarkRP-specific menu that you can access by pressing the F4 key or FN + 4 on some keyboards. Many different things are available on this screen, including a dashboard, jobs, items, and death screens. It also has links to our server content, Discord, and a Steam group, among other things.

On the dashboard, you can see information such as online players, total money, job distribution, the wealthiest player online, and your favourite jobs and online staff.
The second menu, Jobs, contains all the current jobs on the server. In addition, it shows the name of the job, the level, and how much money you would earn with every paycheck.

Additionally, you can use this menu to switch jobs. You'll be respawned in that job by selecting the job you'd like to play and then pressing the "BECOME" button. Additionally, this menu contains two tabs. The job description includes pertinent information about the job and...