TOPFxPhantom's Player Report

Username: TOPFxPhantom

In-Game Name TOPFxPhantom

Link to your steam profile

Steam Profile Link of the player you are reporting

What rule(s) did they break? They are ghosting using voice chat in prophunt #2

Kindly substantiate your statements below. Ripleyo has been ghosting and giving people's positions away victims of this are Blackcoco.

Additional Information/proof I don't have any proof at this time but I will be messaging Blackcoco so he can clarifiy this report because he's been killed because of Ripleyo giving his position away.

Seal's Player Report

Username: Seal

In-Game Name SeaIy

Link to your steam profile

Steam Profile Link of the player you are reporting

What rule(s) did they break? RDM

Kindly substantiate your statements below. managed to rdm me 3 times and made me lose 357k

Additional Information/proof screenshot of console:
recording of them managing to kill me once:
screenshot of money i had on 26th:
screenshot of money i now have:
pretty much only want the 357k back

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The Demolisher's Appeal

Username: The Demolisher

What type of punishment do you want to appeal against? (DID NOT ANSWER QUESTION)

In-Game Name BloxVisionYT

Link to your steam profile

Punishment Reason? Im pretty sure spamming

Staff member who punished you Lua

Why should the punishment be removed? So I spammed inside of discord which I deleted and right after I deleted it I told him there was a hidden Among us Character which looks like this ඞ and it looks like an e and I got banned for a month just for a mystery finding thing which I see all the time on shorts and this does not count because I did not say it in the game I said it on discord also I advertized the sever and they are not thankfull.

Additional Information/proof (DID NOT ANSWER QUESTION)

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The Demolisher's Appeal

Username: The Demolisher

What type of punishment do you want to appeal against? (DID NOT ANSWER QUESTION)

In-Game Name The Demolisher

Link to your steam profile

Punishment Reason? NLR

Staff member who punished you I dont know

Why should the punishment be removed? So first of all he is not even on the website second of all he was giving me permission and he told me that he was not going to ban be so I can read the rules and he still did and I died near spawn after I got mugged and then I spawned back in at fountain where I died and I got reported for NLR and the guy that reported me was keep making fun of me and calling my family gay and was calling me the R word and all I was trying to do was watch a video on a tv but no they just felt like mugging me so this is why I should be unbanned.

Additional Information/proof (DID NOT ANSWER QUESTION)

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grex20111's Appeal

Username: grex20111

What type of punishment do you want to appeal against? Ban

In-Game Name grex20111

Link to your steam profile Grex20111

Punishment Reason? failrp and ban evasion

Staff member who punished you matthew cordell

Why should the punishment be removed? cause i only got banned for 12h but when i came to play it said i will be banned forever

Additional Information/proof (DID NOT ANSWER QUESTION)

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DarkRP Rework Thread (Bitminer, Hacker, Scammer, Dropping Money on Death.)

About 6-10 people on the server this morning. Not a single one of them running a shop or doing anything around the map. They somehow all had bases in the opposite corners of the map to each other.
Most of them bitmining.

$136,100 is all it takes.

7:11 am
0.0 BTC

Doing this job there is little incentive to leave your base as you can sit here and actively make a reasonable amount of money. With the addition of solar panels you can just go completely AFK. Players will do this for hours on end, and contribute extremely little to the server for new players. I couldn't imagine being a new player and hopping on with 6-10 people online and not seeing a single person. I would leave so fast.

7:15 am
142.34 BTC

In just 5 minutes I've made 25000. when comparing this with other jobs you would be absolutely stupid to do anything but bitmining. it only takes 3 hours of playtime to reach $1,000,000.

The richest player at the time of writing has 1.6 million, Theoretically, someone could join right now and have less than 5 hours on the server, and have the most money out of anyone.

Overall my idea to fix bitmining is; Reduce the amount of money it makes so that people don't watch over it, and collect it every 5 minutes because it ends up accumulating a substantial amount of money. The bitmining job allows for way too much money to enter the economy. I think that this would be better allocated to gun dealers or police as these jobs create an active fun environment outside of basing. Basing does have its place but with the current server population, it makes everything a ghost town, especially with a completely AFK method of money-making also being the most efficient.

Edit; in the 45 mins it took me to write edit and format this post I made about 270K

Most of the options on the scammer job simply aren't worth it.
Due to there being only one module you can purchase with the same TPS rating I quickly found which job yielded the highest pounds per second.

The jobs are as follows

-Delivery Scam
2000 Ticks

-Steal money from your grandma
750 Ticks

-Indian scammer
12350 Ticks

There's more but these are the first 3 options and all we need to find out is the pound per second.

Delivery scam and Indian scammer yield the same amount of money. However with 10 bots at a tick rate of 0.5 that gives us 5 ticks per second.
With that math, you can take the 12350 ticks and divide it by 5 to get the amount of time it will take in seconds (2470 or 41 Minutes).
With that same math you can see for Delivery Scam it would only take you 400 seconds or about 6 and a half minutes for the same amount of money.

With Indian Scammer, you make around 4 pounds per second, while with Delivery Scam you make an even 25.

Lastly, the 750 tick $5,000 scam will make you the best money at about 33 or so pounds per second.

This can be adjusted with adding new modules, changing the time and price of each thing to make it so if you truly wait longer you get more money, etc.
I know you guys had stated something about balancing the jobs and figured this could serve as useful insight.

Quick comparison: Indian scammer gets you 4 pounds per second (PPS) while bitmining yields 83.

Neuro Hacker:
Neuro hacker has FAR too many modules, however, they all have the same health amount. Which is very odd, and is keeping me from buying more expensive units. I bought this item here which is only $1000

I decided to compare 2 modules with somewhat similar stats but at a price 15x higher than the cheap unit. Due to the health of the two being the same these things blew up in like 5 seconds. I would (personally) recommend making it easier for people to choose which modules as for now almost nobody is using the attack/defend features of the card yet. I think this can be easily done by tiering them similar to money printers with maybe a few other tiers. It would be easiest for someone to pick between 3-6 of the higher performing parts with the health adjusted.

Also upon doing even the most lucrative tasks it seems you do lose money in this job overall. I am about 200k deep on it right now.

Dropping Money Upon Death:

I think the mechanic is a good idea in some forms but I don't think it should be based on a percentage of the money you have, but would understand if you wanted to keep it this way but making money harder to get is better than making it easier to lose. Percentages should be lowered if not changed to a flat amount.

I think AFK moneymaking is good. As long as people aren't just in their base staring at their money maker doing absolutely nothing.
I think the moneymaking speed should be reduced, and it should be encouraged for people to play government roles and other roles that add engagement for new players.

The base level for police jobs should be reduced to 5 or lower.
They say gates and fences only keep the good people out. Needing a day of playtime to RP as a cop is silly.
If they RDM, So what? They will likely be banned quickly. Fewer people would ever quit a server for being RDMed than those that were refused to do what they wanted to have fun. Especially within reason, ie: being a cop on a darkrp server.

Lower the price of special grenades in black market dealers or increase the number of factory materials taken. A box of those grenades is $3,000,000 on Blackmarket but practically free to the factories.

The Facts:
From 6:09 to 7:48
5 players had joined the server. One of them being new. Not a single one of them stuck around to 8 o'clock. People are leaving very quickly after joining due to the population of the server hiding in corners etc