Discord Rules

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Justified Discord Rules

These are the rules for the Justified Discord Server. Please read all of them.
We also expect members to follow all rules and guidelines set forth by Discord. Members must also comply with all applicable laws, and we may ban you for not doing so.

Thank you for helping us build a better, healthier community!
— Discord Community Guidelines: https://discordapp.com/guidelines
— Discord Terms of Service: https://discordapp.com/terms

First and Foremost
It is important that you do not share any personal information with other members. This is to protect your privacy as well as the privacy of other community members.
Please be considerate of others and keep all comments and discussion constructive. Comments or posts that are not relevant to the conversation or topic will be deleted; Comments or posts that are extremely offensive or attack an individual or group may result in a ban.

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DarkRP F4 Menu Information

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Justified DarkRP F4 Menu Information

The F4 menu is a DarkRP-specific menu that you can access by pressing the F4 key or FN + 4 on some keyboards. Many different things are available on this screen, including a dashboard, jobs, items, and death screens. It also has links to our server content, Discord, and a Steam group, among other things.

On the dashboard, you can see information such as online players, total money, job distribution, the wealthiest player online, and your favourite jobs and online staff.
The second menu, Jobs, contains all the current jobs on the server. In addition, it shows the name of the job, the level, and how much money you would earn with every paycheck.

Additionally, you can use this menu to switch jobs. You'll be respawned in that job by selecting the job you'd like to play and then pressing the "BECOME" button. Additionally, this menu contains two tabs. The job description includes pertinent information about the job and...

[03/08/2022] Sandbox Patch Notes

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Justified Sandbox


  1. Added JUI to allow chat to work

Bug Fixes and Changes

  1. Fixed color mismatching
  2. Updated Discord Link
  3. Fixed ULX Errors
  4. Removed ULX Commands
  5. Updated Buildmode
  6. Increased delay of horuseus


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Prop Hunt Rules

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Justified Prop Hunt Rules

Last Updated

It is your responsibility to keep up to date on our rules upon joining our server.
Please read the rules thoroughly and completely.
If there are any problems regarding these rules, please make a thread in the Suggestions tab.

You are expected to comprehend and adhere to the server's rules and standards;
by playing on the server, our staff will assume that you have read and understood all of the regulations.

We wish you an amazing time while playing on our server (s)
We appreciate your participation in our community and encourage you to contact staff in-game or on our other platforms with any issues or concerns!​

Ghosting is the act of divulging or implying the position of a prop while acting as a dead hunter or a prop.

  1. GOLDEN...

[02/08/2022] Sandbox Patch Notes

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Justified Sandbox


  1. Added ULX
  2. Added Luapad
  3. Added Minuit v2
  4. Added _GEnumerator
  5. Added Security Suite
  6. Added thirdperson
  7. Added HP Clamp
  8. Added Justified Lib
  9. Added Build/PvP Mode
  10. Added Auto-Bhop
  11. Added Sit Anywhere
  12. Added Auto Rank Promotion
  13. Added Lightsabers
  14. Added Brainlet :)

Bug Fixes and Changes

  1. Changed Server Hostname


  1. Removed SAM Admin Mod
  2. Removed Garbage
  3. Removed arena